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Basics of church facility management

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A church is more than a physical space. It is a witness to the spiritual lives of church members. Effective church facility management is vital for keeping facilities in good condition. Here are tips for sound management.

  • Life Safety – Establishing baseline protocol for life safety is an essential first step when auditing your parsonage or church property. Verify all fire alarms and sprinkler systems are up to date, check safety of wiring, and keep all gas and flammable items out of the building and stored safely. All stairwells and exits must be marked and light with working exit signage. Stairwells require adequate lighting during power outage with battery source backups. Make sure all kitchen and bathroom outlets had GFI capabilities as well as smoke and carbon detectors.

  • Set a maintenance schedule – Church facilities are subject to heavy foot traffic and therefore require proper maintenance. Setting a weekly, monthly, and annual inspection plan will help you identify and remedy issues before they cause extensive damage to the property.

  • Your maintenance schedule should ideally have specific dates dedicated to repairs and HVAC inspection as well as dedicated times for dusting, cleaning, and washing.

  • Watch the roof – Keep an eye out for broken ridges and parapets, damaged shingles, and bird infestations among other urgent issues. Like most buildings, church properties require roof maintenance and inspections to keep the roof watertight. This will also help keep the building in overall good condition.

  • Older church buildings might require roof upgrades or replacements altogether. This may be a costly investment, but it is worth making, as it will prevent inclement weather from disrupting your services.

  • Maintain flooring – Foot traffic can wear down your flooring over time. Replacing the flooring for an entire room or building tends to be very expensive, which is why it’s important to prolong the lifespan of flooring with regular maintenance.

  • Use the appropriate cleaning agent for floor type to prevent damage and fading. Place rugs and mats in high traffic areas like the church aisles and entrances. You can also install carpeting to help protect flooring and conceal cosmetic issues.

  • Update lighting fixtures – Make sure that all lighting fixtures are in good working condition. Replace damaged or faulty lighting fixtures with new ones to keep church grounds well-lit. It can also prevent theft and trespassing as adequate lighting might deter burglars from breaking in.

  • Upgrading lighting fixtures is a relatively inexpensive way of freshening up the appearance of church property. Dated fixtures, for instance, can make the building appear older than it really is.

    You should also consider switching to energy-efficient and sustainable lighting fixtures like solar-powered bulbs. This can help keep your utilities low and provide a more sustainable way of keeping your church building properly lit.

  • Replace wooden items – Wooden pews, pulpits, tables, doors, and chairs may splinter or rot with age. Upgrading wooden items is essential to the safety and comfort of worshippers. You can also keep wooden items in good condition by regulating temperatures and dampness inside the church building.

  • Mind the lawn and church exterior – The grounds and exterior are typically the first thing people notice about the church. Make a positive impression on worshippers by creating an inviting exterior. Trim the grass, remove weeds, sweep the walkways, and clean the gutters. Re-paint the building exterior and signposts as soon as they show visible signs of wear and tear.

The church building serves as the spiritual home of the congregation. Keeping church facilities in good condition can help further your ministry. A.D. Advisors specializes in the sale of church-owned properties in Canada and the United States. You can reach our team here. You can also message our agents at Info(at)ADAdvisors(dotted)org and 630.606.9000.