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Bible study thru a video conference

Basics of church facility management

A church is more than a physical space. It is a witness to the spiritual lives of church members. Effective church facility management is vital for keeping facilities in good condition. Here are tips for sound management. Life Saf...

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Putting a white Rose on a tomb

What you should know about burial land laws

Death is part of life, and the church plays a significant role in the rituals and services regarding the deceased. To better manage cemeteries and similar church-owned properties, your congregation must have a thorough understanding of ceme...

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Empty church pews

Maximizing the use of church property

Religious real estate is categorized as special use property in North America. But that doesn’t mean that church buildings are only used for worship, although they certainly play an important role in the spiritual life of the faithful. As...

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In God we trust one dollar bill

A guide to faith-based financial management

Every congregation needs robust and diverse faith-based portfolios that can help sustain the ministry and its long-term vision. Here are some general tips for building your ministry’s faith-based investment. Think long-term ...

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Senior couple with a consultant

Handling your retirement funds in the COVID-19 pandemic

Sometimes, even the best retirement savings plan can be upended by crises – the pandemic has shown that anyone can be caught off-guard by health issues and job insecurity. But there’s hope. Here are a few tips for handling your retireme...

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Interior of a church

The Operational Costs of Running a Church

The cost of acquiring a church building is only the first in a long line of expenses involved in the long-term operation and maintenance of church-owned properties. If you’re considering acquiring a piece of property for your congregat...

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A man praying inside the church

Religion’s role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout history, humanity has turned to religion and spirituality for guidance, comfort, hope, and solace. What role do church organizations play in communities and the lives of private individuals during these trying times? The challen...

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