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Church Properties and Religious Buildings for Sale

Religious leaders are burdened with stewarding the resources that have been entrusted to their care. Frequently, however, they are overwhelmed by the intricacies that are part of any real estate transaction.

Their experience is marked by misdirection, confusion, and frustration—swept along, often, by biased commercial advice, and not ministry priority. With a deep understanding of this reality that has been cultivated over decades of experience, Anno Domini Advisors provides real estate brokerage services that protect congregations’ heritage, ministry, and mission.

As one of the nation’s leading firms in this fast-growing category, A.D. Advisors has a proven history of delivering confidential, transparent support that is so essential for congregational leaders during the emotional, stressful and complicated process of real estate dispositions and preservation.

Property Types

  • Land – vacant or adaptive re-use, preservation
  • School Buildings – University, High School, Grade School
  • Parish Parsonages
  • Nursing Facilities – assisted, memory care, skilled, affordable
  • Retreat Facilities
  • Medical Office & Commercial Facilities
  • Monasteries \ Convents \ Rectories

Expertise – Local & National

  • National Expertise
    A.D. is the leading provider of church faith-based real estate brokerage services with faith-based solutions for our Church clients, through local brokerage and valuation expertise.
  • Local Expertise
    A.D.’s clients have access to the highest quality local professional expertise utilizing A.D.’s local “Tier 1 Team” of prominent BBB accredited licensed real estate professionals with appraisal – valuation – underwriting skills that meeting the rigorous protocol of A.D. Leadership
  • Seller Brokerage Sales Services
    A.D. provides the highest quality brokerage services utilizing a turnkey approach for the Seller while securing the most qualified Buyer nationally through a rigorous underwriting and selection process to preserve the outgoing Church owners needs of ministry and heritage preservation

Portfolio – Management Process – Valuation, Underwriting, Sales Management

  • Analysis
    A.D. Team nationally will assess the short- and long-term needs of each site through its rigorous valuation and planning process
  • Valuation
    • A.D. Team will oversee the precise value both financially as well as ministerially. Each heritage, mission and ministry will be examined
    • During the A.D. analysis the Church advisory team will work in tandem with A.D. Leadership to assess the ramifications of each strategic decision.
  • Process
    • A.D. Portfolio Assessment Team will critique each asset in a matrix based on value and ministry requirement and managed for sale, relocation and/or preservation.
    • Each asset will be valued, assessed and monetized if required. The process is confidential and requires value accuracy while protecting confidentiality and ministry needs.