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Sales Process

Overall, our firm has completed hundreds of sale and lease transactions related to church properties, including schools, senior housing, retreat centers, and convents that span 32 states as well as two Canadian provinces.

Our Chicago-based firm, which has a network of colleagues across the United States and Canada, is led by founder and president Brian Dolehide. Brian has worked for over 35 years in the real estate field, including 20-plus years of specializing in religious properties. He previously served as a senior real estate manager for a Chicago-based congregation with over 2,600 buildings and ministries.

That blend of experience and expertise has produced in him a zeal for serving ministries. Brian is dedicated to giving the holistic, nuanced soul-to-soul help that clients urgently need.

Highest Best Use – stringent analysis

  • Because AD has represented more religious clients nationally it is uniquely experienced with faith based properties to guide the Church through ministerial and heritage needs while finding the right Buyer who will protect these needs and obtain highest value.
  • Each Sector ( Parsonage, School, Seniors, Medical Office) requires in-depth – local and national proficiency and proven success.
  • AD specializes in highest best use analysis nationally utilizing experts locally to confirm demand, value and use calculations.

Buyer Pool

  • The AD Buyer Pool is very unique and offers each AD Church Client direct access to qualified prospective
  • Buyers by Sector ( Seniors, Multi-Family, warehouse, etc.) recently totaled in the neighborhood of 100,000 Buyers.
  • AD Buyer Pool is the largest in the country with over 5,000 Buyers per Sector. Under all circumstances after the uses have been affirmed through stringent
  • Demand analysis, rate studies, market positioning, demographics, drive times, traffic, zoning, utilities are all taken into account.

Marketing Memorandum

  • The AD Marketing Memorandum is very unique as it includes all the confidential information necessary for each Buyer Pool Client to fully explore the unique offering. This is also the time that AD requires each Bidder to follow the needs of the Church Seller to protect ministry and heritage.

Bid Matrix

  • Confidential underwriting analysis comparing prospective Buyer’s and competitive landscape creating optimal property positioning to benefit Seller.


  • Highly confidential process – to be discussed on a case by case basis.


  • Throughout the process AD will manage the nuances and contractual needs to complete the entire land monetization process.