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Valuations underwriting appraisals

A.D. Advisors is a trusted, arm’s-length adviser that does not have the conflict of interest that is so prevalent in this realm of real estate, where even good intentions by devoted worshipers can so easily go awry.

From start to finish, our overriding focus is helping our clients attain the best possible resolution—in short, the highest possible sale price. But our services extend well beyond a transactional relationship; A.D. Advisors takes great care, and great pride, in helping our clients preserve and propel their ministry, mission and heritage.

A.D. Valuation

  • The A.D. Valuation is different than the customary “opinions of value” as the A.D. Valuation creates the scenario for the Buyer on the highest and best use.
  • This requires a thorough analysis of the proposed adaptive re-use or existing use analysis for the new Buyer.

A.D. Underwriting

  • Studies the existing competitive landscape and how each property stands up against the competition and future use of the property.
  • Demand analysis, rate studies, market positioning, demographics, drive times, traffic, zoning, utilities are all taken into account.

A.D. Appraisal

  • After underwriting and current valuation the future is compared against the completive landscape – then, A.D. creates a market appraisal based on the future value use.
  • This future value is the difference with A.D. because this future value protects the Seller and obtains the highest value for the best future use.