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Retreat Facilities & Monasteries for Sale

Amid a day-to-day existence that can be so chaotic and noisy, retreats and monasteries represent—and provide—much-needed calm in the storm. For centuries, they have been a key piece of the spiritual life of myriad communities.

In recent decades, however, the numbers of men and women in these sanctuaries have diminished. That trend has raised a recurring question: what should be done with these longtime powerhouses of prayer?

As they reflect on how to best steward their resources, those in positions of leadership have been challenged by this question. It is at this most sensitive crossroad moment where Anno Domini Advisors meets many of its clients. From that critical point of uncertainty and confusion, we have served as a trusted guide who brings not only peace throughout the process, but a solution at its conclusion.

Much as these properties have been a buffer against the distractions of the world, Anno Domini Advisors shields its clients from pitfalls that pose a threat to achieving what they need. Sometimes, those needs revolve around an appropriate ministry solution; other times, it is commanding the highest possible price to help further the organization’s overarching legacy.

Our founder, Brian Dolehide, has protected hundreds of ministries during his 30-plus years in real estate, resulting in expertise and passion that are rare in this specialized sector.

In addition, we are mindful that these are complicated transactions requiring upwards of 18 months to consummate—even longer in some cases. Through it all, we deliver on the A.D. Advisors’ promise to protect your ministry to the end.